The Alexander Technique, in my words

The Alexander Technique teaches one to not only think and do what “feels right” but instead more freely choose actions. In doing so the Technique shows a tangible way to effect change in contrast to “do this better” or “stop doing that.” One begins to grow more comfortable with aspects of life perhaps not thought… Continue reading The Alexander Technique, in my words


What is the Alexander Technique??

My Civic Colleague Ariel Patkin messaged me about exercise, the Alexander Technique, and how swimming might benefit the scapulohumeral rhythm. The what?? That's what I said. She sent me this video to help explain. It's dry - probably for some kind of health field professional training. But that didn't matter; the intention behind her sending it to… Continue reading What is the Alexander Technique??

The Technique Works in Mysterious Ways Part 1

It sounds religious but it is how I feel. The Technique works on developing a coordination and sensory awareness that was different in humans as little as 200 years ago. Considering that texting, sleeping, and breathing all involve movement, the effect of this coordination in our lives is ubiquitous. I experienced changes unexpectedly, not knowing the above… Continue reading The Technique Works in Mysterious Ways Part 1