Checking in – Six Lessons

Quinn and Carmen provided short followups via email this week. Quinn shared that he is still struggling to find "positive effects" of the technique. He was confused specifically by work he and Lisa recently did with a step ladder and is unable to see how the work relates to his playing. He says he and… Continue reading Checking in – Six Lessons


Checking in – First Four Lessons

As part of their reflection on the AT lesson experience, I asked Quinn and Carmen to rate their connection to the following ideas, from 1 (weakest) to 5 (strongest), based on their first four lessons. Balance while playing Sound after lesson Sound days after lesson Sound (lie down) Musical timing Difficult music Practice/performance Energy/endurance He… Continue reading Checking in – First Four Lessons

The Alexander Technique, in my words

The Alexander Technique teaches one to not only think and do what “feels right” but instead more freely choose actions. In doing so the Technique shows a tangible way to effect change in contrast to “do this better” or “stop doing that.” One begins to discover possibility where there was impossibility, moving beyond cultural, historical,… Continue reading The Alexander Technique, in my words


Considering exposure to the Alexander Technique transformed my concepts of posture and support, I thought it appropriate to document Carmen and Quinn's conceptions before their ideas may also change. The Alexander Technique provides tools for addressing both known and unexpected challenges. In these eight weeks Quinn and Carmen may find new ways of addressing challenges;… Continue reading Beginnings

The Technique Works in Mysterious Ways Part 1

Considering that the Technique addresses movement and coordination, and that texting, sleeping, and breathing all involve movement, the effect can sometimes seem ubiquitous. Something so comprehensive can be quite mysterious. I experienced unexpected changes without understand the previous sentences. I will do my best in the "Mysterious Ways" sections to share these experiences that transformed… Continue reading The Technique Works in Mysterious Ways Part 1